1. Patrick D.

    Let me see if I’ve got this. Now, the plugin will have plugins. Seems a little ridiculous to me. How deep do we go? Will the plugins for ID have plugins of their own to improve something or other. I don’t know.

    (I still think I’m sticking with WP’s comment system. The devil I know.)


  2. Jeffro

    @Patrick D. – Hmm, I didn’t think of it that way. It’s a third party service with plugin support but I guess if you use the ID plugin for your blog, then it can be a plugin with plugin support which does sound funny!


  3. BlaKKJaKK

    Maybe I am missing something but why would I would want a third party service handling the comments on my blog?!? I just don’t think the bells and whistles make it any pretty than it is.

    The Gravatar service makes sense but taking the comments to a service just feels an unnecessary.


  4. Jeffro

    @BlaKKJaKK – Well, the third party service argument is sort of moot considering that ID automatically syncs comments made on the service to your WordPress blog so when you turn the plugin off, you still have all of those comments in your database. I’m still on the side of handling comments on my own blog.


  5. Patrick D.

    @Jeffro – That’s a great point, Jeff. It’s the one thing that was holding me back from using ID. I like that it syncs. My reason now not to jump to ID is because I don’t want my page to slow waiting on a third-party site that could have issues. Not that my site couldn’t have issues, but why take the chance? Is the service THAT good to risk it?


  6. Jeffro

    @Patrick D. – Well, I’ve never come across a site where the page takes forever to load because of IntenseDebate on their blog.


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