Instagram To WordPress Importer

With all the hub bub surrounding the Terms of Service changes for Instagram, users are flocking to various competitive services like Flickr. However, one of the safest bets in insuring that your photos remain the property of the person who took them, is to host them on your own website, particularly a WordPress powered one. If you’re looking to move your photos from Instagram to your WordPress powered website, take a look at the DsgnWrks Instagram Importer plugin.

In the spirit of WordPress and “owning your data,” this plugin will allow you to import and backup your instagram photos to your WordPress site. Includes robust options to allow you to control the imported posts formatting including built-in support for WordPress custom post-types, custom taxonomies, post-formats. You can control the content of the title and content of the imported posts using tags like **insta-image**, **insta-text**, and others. Add an unlimited number of user accounts for backup and importing.

Personally, I hate Instagram and what it does to everyone’s photos. It’s as if it easily allowed the idea for everyone to photoshop everything. Instead of seeing photos as the photographer sees them, I have to view them after some stupid filter was applied.



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