1. Jamie Northrup

    Talk about a blast from the past, before WordPress I used to use e107 for all my websites, like over 5 years ago. Just visited their site out of curiosity after seeing your post, nice to see they are still alive and kicking.


  2. Kevin Deldycke

    I can tell you that’s an accurate and detailed description of the situation ! :)

    Feel free to contribute to my GitHub repository: fork it and request a merge. As soon as you’ll do I’ll be notified. Then I’ll contact the author of the contribution and decide of a release plan. If I don’t plan to work on e107 Importer plugin, I still can release and push it to the official WordPress repository for you.

    In a word: please contribute code on GitHub, I’ll do the rest ! :)


  3. jezza101

    Good script, I used it to migrate to WordPress from e107.


  4. Tommy

    This script fails when using the latest wp and bbpress,
    i have been trying for days now trying to get this to work.

    Please someone update this script! :-)


  5. Tom

    This script works perfect… I tried it with the latest E107 and WordPress, so Tommy, you must be doing something wrong…

    I used this plugin to succesfully migrate my E107 powered website to WordPress, but unfortunately the E107 content pages are not converted. I was wondering if anybody else is missing this option and has the knowledge to code this particular bit. I surely don’t have the knowledge… and if nobody’s gonna do it, there is no other option than to convert it by hand…


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