e107 To WordPress Importer Needs Some Love

e107 LogoThe e107 importer plugin for WordPress created by Coolkevman is in need of a developer or a group of community members to keep the plugin updated. The plugin was originally created by Kevin to migrate a number of e107 websites he managed to WordPress. His stance was that the plugin would be maintained and updated until he migrated all of his sites from e107 to WordPress. This occurred on July 5th, 2011 where Kevin announced that the plugin would no longer be maintained.

The reason behind this decision is simple and straightforward: I’ve recently migrated my last e107 website to WordPress. Now that e107 is no longer part of my life, I have no interest in spending time and energy working on this plugin.

So if you plan to get rid of your e107 sites in favor of WordPress, do the migration now, as the plugin will self-deteriorate as WordPress API gets updated.

While I have not personally tested this plugin, it has been tested by the author to work with e107 0.7.25, WordPress 3.2 RC2 and bbPress 2.0 Beta. Odds are that the plugin works just fine with WordPress 3.2.1 and bbPress 2.0. With regards to bbPress, Kevin points out that forum posts from e107 go into bbPress the plugin, NOT the stand alone version. e107 version 0.7.26 was released on September 14th with a full change-log located here.

Kevin did say that if someone were to send in a code contribution that he would add it to the project and possibly release version 1.5 but it’s not guaranteed to happen. Now would be a great time to either ask Kevin to take over the plugin or create a fork of it before the differences between WordPress and e107 become so great that the importer needs to be recreated from scratch. One last thing to mention. The plugin was developed and maintained on Github with the WordPress subversion hosted plugin acting as a mirror for the sake of distribution.

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