1. Bradley Allen

    Everyone, take a couple minutes to demo the new Boss theme. It looks fantastic to the smallest detail, with support for WooCommerce, bbPress, and much more. Excellent work BuddyBoss crew!


  2. Alex Mansfield

    Not only does BuddyBoss produce some good looking themes, they’re solidly built as well! I ran a bunch of commercial themes through a subset of the WordPress Theme Review Team guidelines, and BuddyBoss was in the top 15% of the 200+ themes I reviewed.


  3. Sol Huebner

    I also like their offerings especially the new Boss theme :-) And it looks like they have some interesting things in the pipeline.


  4. Prometheus Fire

    Recently I used the Boss theme on three different websites. I’m also in the works to re-theme a corporate intranet I built last year using the Boss theme. It really is that good and well thought out. While it is the single most expensive theme in the BuddyPress market, it is worth every penny.

    Michael’s insistence on high quality products (and support) is incredible and amazingly consistent. Sometimes, developer companies’ support ebbs and flows over the years, however, that has never happened with Michael’s team. He also does a great job of tracking bugs and issuing fixes. Just this morning I received an email notification about from his support forums with him personally noting an big had been fixed. Everything he is doing and has done with his products and for BuddyPress has been consistently reliable and excellent for several years. I only wish more companies could handle this level of consistency.

    There is great stuff there, in both themes and plugins and I’m sure that I will continue to be a loyal customer. This is a great write-up, this is a company that deserves this kind of great exposure.


    • Greg

      What about performance? Did you test page load speed? I like this theme, but I am certainly confused about speed.


  5. Michael Eisenwasser

    Thanks so much for the all of the kind words!!! It’s really very rewarding to know that people appreciate our work. More to come!


  6. Greg

    Boss theme really looks good. Michael (and team) did great job. But there is a point about performance. Just try to check the timing in the browser (press Ctrl + Shift + K for Web Console) or use Apache Benchmark on Linux system. I did it and I am confused about 1500 ms to load page on demo site. I know that any social engine very complex itself, but I think, Michael should pay more attention to that disappointing thing.


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