1. mark k.

    Jeff, when everybody that can articulate a constructive argument was burned by the following cycle http://i.stack.imgur.com/fjiKd.png (not my creation) and just stopped caring, the only feedback that you will be able to get is from people that are upset but can not actually pinpoint to a specific technical issue and resort to “it is to serve automatic” paranoia based arguments. If you will ignore them as well because “they are not nice” what feedback will be left at all?

    And leading attracts criticism. If you can’t handle the criticism, then just don’t lead. This is not directed at anyone in particular, some people are just better at not letting criticism take a mental tool on their lives, and you can not lead if any small criticism stalls you.


  2. Andreas Nurbo

    Biggest threat to WordPress IS NOT rude replies, passive-aggressive comments etc. The biggest threat to WordPress is not doing things that both the developers and users wants. You can call eachother names and whatever crap, you can say nice friendly things or whatever crap, neither matters if you do not deliver things people actually want. Contemplating how much time that has gone into a product does not do any good either. Whenever someone says bad things about WordPress or leadership etc there always comes response contemplate how fortunate etc blah. No kick it down from its pedestal, bring it down into the dirth when it can actually grow and evolve.

    Giving a friendly reply but not reflecting on a suggestion is not in practice any better than giving a rude, passive aggressive reply but not honestly reflect on a suggestion. Both types of replies are at their core disrespectful and rude. A rotten egg is still rotten even if you paint it with pretty colours.

    This whole we need to be friendly is just stupid. No, we need to be constructive and take peoples concerns and suggestions seriously. If you are friendly or rude when doing that, who gives a rats ass. First and foremost take peoples concerns seriously.


  3. Brin

    What the heck is that Wapuu doing to that dolphin? In what part of the world does riding a dolphin (is that what’s going on?) represent the coming of Summer?


  4. Tod Franklin

    Biggest threat to WordPress is the same as any software product. Somebody will come along with a newer better mouse trap that does not have the baggage of supporting backwards compatibility.


    • mark k.

      @Tod, you implicitly nailed the attitude that people should treat this “threat to wordpress”. It is just a fucking piece of software, not even an animal. The only people that will be impacted from wordpress going down are those that all of their livelihood depends on it, and that will be maybe only the big theme and plugin shops that will have to pivot to other platforms and that might be hard.

      For big wordpress hosting companies like automatic and wpengine, it will just mean that they will enjoy less free work on their platforms, but in their current size it probably will not impact them in any major way.

      “A threat to WordPress” is the community’s equivalent of “Think of the children”, just a sound byte meant to make you emotional about something a salesman/politician wants to sell you.


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