1. J.D.

    The Wapuu appears to be a play off of Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous anatomical sketch.

    BTW, thank you for publishing these posts. I don’t have time to follow everything that goes on the WP community and this is helpful for me to see what is going on and just take a closer look at things that really interest me.


  2. Alec

    Casper Hübinger of WP Rocket gave a very vivid talk on protecting the WordPress admin interface for plugin developers at WordCamp Europe yesterday.

    Here’s some highlights:

    WP Admin is not your private space. It is a shared apartment.

    Car windshields don’t display advertising.

    Don’t be the one to contribute to Notice Fatigue and Update Paranoia.

    The whole presentation should be up on WordPress.tv at some point. Casper’s talk was the highlight of day one for me.


  3. Toby

    Eric A Meyer – legend of a man.

    I look forward to seeing this talk. He completely changed my entire concept of front end UIs and readability over a decade ago. Glad to see him at a WC.

    Thanks for bringing this to the Tavern.


  4. Otto

    Vitruvian Wapuu got me. LOL. Well played.


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