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  1. Marc Benzakein

    I think it’s fairly well established among the people who know me that I’m a non-drinker. I’m the designated driver wherever we go; like Uber, except it’s free and I’ll always give my passenger 5 stars.

    Having said that, I have zero issue with having alcohol at an after-party. My only misgiving about it is that many people within the Community are under-age and that number is growing as the number of “Kids Camps” grows.

    I am somewhat new to this discussion, so I am probably missing something, but is the main concern that people might drink too much, do something stupid, and then bring Central in as liable (in other words, is the event a WordCamp Central sanctioned event)? While I can see that there is concern there, I also tend to side with letting grown adults make their own decisions.

    With that all being said, I might also point out to attendees that the after party, while it is a social event, is still an event in which you are around others from within the Community. This is the profession you’ve chosen and it would serve well to be aware that there are potential employers within the room whose main purpose may be to socialize, but will also be paying attention to the behaviors of everyone there; especially any potential hiring candidates.


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