1. Keith Davis

    Oh no Sarah not a plugin to do that.
    It takes less time to change the default in your WordPress settings:

    In your admin area, go to Settings > Writing > look for the pull down menu beside “Default Post Categoy.” – choose your default and save.

    Granted I can only set one default category not multiple but isn’t that what “default” means?


  2. daymobrew

    A related question came up on StackExchange two years ago – they wanted a default category by author. For the programmers out there: http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/45398/automatically-assign-posts-by-author-to-a-specific-category/45403#45403
    I used this on a client site as a few authors kept forgetting to select an appropriate category.

    A defunct plugin seems to provide similar functionality in a nice package: http://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-adc/


  3. Brin Wilson

    Not to be a pedant but there should be a “to” in this one “…what if you want use multiple categories?” ;)


  4. Peter Eichhorst

    I like to always change the name and slug of Uncategorized to “General” or “News” that way you don’t ever have to deal with the, in my opinion, useless, Uncategorized category.


    • Jason Kalawe

      Yes, this is one of the first things I do for every new WP install! I always choose the most common category as the default. Won’t hurt if you forget to change it later!


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