How to Restrict a WordPress Author to Posting in One Category

photo credit: Nic's events - cc
photo credit: Nic’s eventscc

Multi-author WordPress blogs often have many authors working together to push out content, but not every author needs access to post to all categories on the site. In fact, there may be times when you want to limit an author to posting in just one assigned category for contributions.

Restrict Author Posting is a new plugin that allows administrators to restrict authors, on an individual basis, to post in only one category. This is a lightweight, specific-use plugin that doesn’t alter any other capabilities or permissions.

Once you install it, administrators can navigate to each user that they want to restrict and assign a category.


When the author goes to create a new post, the meta box listing all of the categories will not be available. Instead, the author will see a notice of which category the post will fall under.


Restrict Author Posting is a plugin that you might never think of until you have a situation where you need it. Put it in place to streamline contributions on a multi-author site by herding authors into their assigned categories. This saves you the trouble of having to double check posts to make sure they fall under the correct category. It also helps to ensure that authors don’t go crazy creating new categories for every post. Download Restrict Author Posting from

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