1. Lorelle

    Great list. Surprised you didn’t include Learn WordPress, an invaluable official resource for WordPress help and tutorials. It is used to serve the VIP community as well as WordPress.com users. Whether or not someone is on WordPress.com or the self-hosted version of WordPress, Learn WordPress is a must bookmark help site for all the features of WordPress.

    Interesting that you started with Themes and Plugins. Over the years, I’ve found that people who start with Themes and Plugins soon find themselves floundering when new to the WordPress environment. They haven’t gotten a handle on the most basic functions, such as Pages and posts, tags and categories, so things quickly turn south.

    Again, lovely to see such a simple and basic guide for new WordPress users. Not everyone visiting here is a long-time customer. :D



  2. codemywp

    jeff you done great job. I was looking for this.


  3. Jeffro

    @Lorelle – Thanks for the link Lorelle, totally spaced that one! I forgot they set that up. You know, I thought about the order in which I listed things when writing this post. I figured the first thing people would want to do is play around with installing themes and then mess around with plugins. But you may be on to something here. Perhaps it would be better if I listed all of the learning resources first, then point people to the things they can do on their own to enhance their WordPress sites.


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