1. Robert Dall

    The Problem I am having with 4.4 and WP Engine is:

    One the setting are copied over to the staging server and the staging server doesn’t have the certificate so it give you a warning. Which you can override and then you hit another error in a redirect loop which results in an error.

    So this had rendered my staging server for my online store inoperable.

    (Yes WP Engine I am contacting support)

    But oh my this is a bit of problem for those who like to test stuff before they update.


  2. Dan

    Thanks for posting this. Upgraded to 4.4 last night and published a large article only to see all my images broken.

    Implemented the function in functions.php and everything seems to be working again!


  3. Jodok

    Thanks man, that helped to calm my nerves! Perfect now!


  4. Stacy

    Pulling my hair out trying to figure out why I was having the “broken link” on some of my images! Implemented the function in functions.php in my child folder and everything is working! Thank you!


  5. Dave

    Thanks so much! This solved my problem. I was pulling my hair out to figure out what was wrong.


  6. elk1o

    That solve my problem.

    Thanks a lot!!


  7. SD

    Lol, in my case it was lazy load which was causing the trouble after enabling ssl on my website


    • Tony

      Thank you, i had the same problem and deactivating lazy load on my images and iframes solved the problem.


  8. Logesh Kumar

    I have the same issue on my client website. It’s not working. I even tried disabling SSL on the website. Still, Images are missing. Any solution?
    Website URL is : www [dot] thinkethlabs [dot] com/management/


  9. George

    I was lucky enough to find your post really quickly and literally saved my day as I managed to fix my problem instantly as soon as I uploaded this code snipet in my functions.php file. Thanks, you’re a star :)


  10. Neneh

    The code fixed it for me, been trying to fix this for days now! Thanks


  11. MyFort, My Rules

    Was struggling to find a fix for this after upgrading a long time ago and gave up. Glad this article surfaced, it fixed my thumbnail problem!


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