How to Change Jetpack Accounts Without Losing Your Stats or Subscribers

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If you’re using Jetpack and need to reconnect it to a site but don’t have access to the account associated with it, you can switch accounts without losing your stats or subscribers. Just follow these simple steps.

  1. Login to your self-hosted WordPress site and disconnect Jetpack.
  2. Create a new account.
  3. Connect your self-hosted WordPress site to Jetpack using the new account.

I asked George Stephanis, who is on the Jetpack development team, if users should be worried about stats and subscribers being lost in the process.

Ideally it should be smooth, and the stats should transfer automatically.  Sites are indexed by domain and path, so as long as those don’t change and still match up with what we have on file, it’ll just work.

If they do change and the user winds up connected to a clean site, it’s just a quick five-minute operation for one of our Happiness Engineers to transfer stats over to the new site, so nothing is ever lost.

In most cases, Jetpack will continue to hum along after switching user accounts. However, if you notice stats missing or weird behavior, you should contact the Jetpack support team.


5 responses to “How to Change Jetpack Accounts Without Losing Your Stats or Subscribers”

  1. This post could not have been more ‘On Time.’ Thank you very much.

  2. If only Google Analytics were so easy! Thanks for this info. I’ve been very hesitant about switching accounts.


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