1. Jeffrey

    This is very helpful! Does it provide TOS and Privacy Policy based on the category of the company or just general TOS and Privacy Policy?


  2. moz

    Now that’s clever.


  3. ubernaut

    thanks for posting i had recently repurposed automatics TOS and PP but was wondering about the DCMA and other documents they have linked to from the TOS page sent an email into support but had not received any response. life saver!


  4. Jerome

    Interestingly, the website mentioned in your previous post “Richard Best Launches New Website Devoted to WordPress Legal Topics” includes a post about creating a nice and friendly Privacy Policy and Terms: http://wpandlegalstuff.com/would-you-like-a-privacy-policy-like-mine/


  5. oylercreative

    Where do you put your terms of service? You give the example of your TOS page, but it doesn’t seem to be in the menu, so where does it go within a site structure?


    • Jeff Chandler

      Depending on how the theme is structured, I would publish the page with the appropriate shortcode and then add that page into an active menu. Typically I’d add it to the footer if possible.


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