How to Automatically Create Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Documents

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If you own or operate a business and need a Terms of Service, Privacy, or various other legal documents, check out the Legalmattic repository on Github. In 2014, Automattic open sourced all of its legal documents, including its DMCA takedown notice. If you choose an Automattic legal document as a foundation to write your own, consider using the Auto Terms of Service and Privacy Policy plugin.

Created by Clifford Paulick, this plugin places the information entered into a version of Automattic’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, both available under the Creative Commons Sharealike license. The documents are modified to exclude specifics to Automattic, such as mentions of Jetpack,, and VIP. Each document has generic language that can apply to most sites and service providers, including single sites, subscription sites, blog networks, and others.

Add Your Company Info
Add Your Company Info

Configuration is as simple as placing company information into the appropriate fields. Once entered, you’ll need to turn on the Display setting at the top to enable the three different shortcodes.

  • [my_terms_of_service_and_privacy_policy]
  • [my_terms_of_service]
  • [my_privacy_policy]

Here’s what the Tavern terms of service page looks like using the terms of service shortcode.

Tavern Terms of Use Page
Tavern Terms of Use Page

The plugin works as advertised and is a convenient way to provide legal documents if you’re a service provider like Automattic. However, if you need to fine tune the results, you can either copy the output from the shortcode and paste it into the page or use the source document from the Legalmattic repository. While Automattic’s documents give you a head start, it’s probably still a good idea to seek legal counsel to review and edit them so they’re specifically tailored to your business.


6 responses to “How to Automatically Create Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Documents”

  1. This is very helpful! Does it provide TOS and Privacy Policy based on the category of the company or just general TOS and Privacy Policy?

  2. thanks for posting i had recently repurposed automatics TOS and PP but was wondering about the DCMA and other documents they have linked to from the TOS page sent an email into support but had not received any response. life saver!

  3. Where do you put your terms of service? You give the example of your TOS page, but it doesn’t seem to be in the menu, so where does it go within a site structure?

    • Depending on how the theme is structured, I would publish the page with the appropriate shortcode and then add that page into an active menu. Typically I’d add it to the footer if possible.


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