1. Young Tech Leads

    First of all, Thank you for considering my plugin i.e. BuddyPress Members Import, at least during the review phase. Let me explain why BMI plugin is worth for $49
    – This plugin is not only for Members Import but there are more features available in the plugin to make the process smoother.
    – A good developer charge $49 for less than 2 hours or max 2 hours job.
    – If you are a developer and want to write code for mapping BP users in group then you must have good knowledge in WordPress and BuddyPress then only you can write code for this feature.
    – But not every one is developer or coder.
    – In $49 you are getting
    — Support for 1 year.
    — 1 year free updates.
    — You will use code tested by more than 1000s of plugin users in different scenarios.


    • Manas

      It’s funny how you mentioned that a good developer charges $49 for 2 hours job. You see it is alright if you are doing this for one particular client. In that case it may seem justified. But your product(plugin) is not just going to be used by one client but probably thousands of people, thereby giving you a lot more revenue than $49. So you could have maybe priced it a little lower. GTA V probably took thousands of coders and years of development, but that doesn’t mean each license is going to cost a million dollars(costs same as your plugin). If your aim is to earn certain amount of money from your code which took your time and energy then you should first determine how much do you wanna earn from it. Then how many users will probably buy it and then price it accordingly.


  2. Marcus Tibesar

    What’s the URL of the new site Jeff?


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