1. Vladimir Prelovac

    Just used the new button to share this story. Works like a charm :)

    This is very cool resource, will add it to resources page on ManageWP.org for users who prefer sharing via Jetpack.

    Just to comment on the article freshness, we launched an algorithm update recently that also adds a time-decay factor so you should be seeing only articles that are at most 2-3 days old, depending how well they do. Important thing is for new articles to get upvotes so they can push older out. Its a magic circle :)


  2. Jeffro

    @Vladimir Prelovac – Great to hear. I’ll have to do more testing on my part to see why adding a service to the sharing area was problematic, especially with the popup.

    I’ve been keeping an eye on the different sections of the site and notice there is no shortage of content being submitted to the site, we just have to get people to upvote that stuff. Everyone wants the traffic but without the people upvoting, the traffic is non existent.


  3. Ajay

    @Vladimir Prelovac – Any plans to add support for Google+ as a sign in or just creating your own account on ManageWP.org or via the account on ManageWP.com?


  4. Ajay

    Jeff thanks for the post. Just added it to one of my sites.


  5. Vladimir Prelovac

    @Ajay – Hi Ajay, yes Google account signup is on our roadmap.


  6. Ajay

    @Vladimir Prelovac -That sounds great :) I already have the Twitter based account, but would be much useful because I have access to Google everywhere!


  7. Jeremy

    Useful post, thanks!

    Since some folks might prefer using the “Official” button style, I figured I’d create a small “child plugin” to extend Jetpack’s sharing functions and add a new ManageWP.org sharing button. The plugin will use ManageWP’s button with the counter or the text button depending on your Jetpack sharing settings.

    Then click on the create share button. This is where it becomes confusing. After clicking the create share button, you’ll see a spinning circle indicating that something is happening. When it stops, the add new service pop-up stays on the screen. This gives the appearance that it is broken or something is hanging, preventing the button from being created.

    That’s interesting. I couldn’t reproduce the issue on my end; the pop up disappeared and the new button appeared in the list of available services.
    Do you experience similar issues when creating Publicize connections, on that same page?


  8. Vladimir Prelovac

    @Jeremy – Great stuff Jeremy!


  9. Jeffro

    @Jeremy – Nope. I tried adding my personal Twitter account to Publicize on the same page and didn’t have any issues.

    Interesting. I just removed the button and went through the process of adding it again and this time, everything worked as expected. The create service popup didn’t stay on the screen and the button was created.


  10. New Plugin Adds ManageWP.org Sharing Button to Jetpack

    […] developer Jeremy Herve was inspired by Jeff’s recent tutorial, which includes a walkthrough on the steps to adding the button as a new service. His plugin does […]


  11. Luis Alejandre

    Thank you Jeffro. Just added my new sharing button!


  12. Music47ell


    Thanks for this How-To.

    I would like to ask you if there’s a way to add this button only to posts that include the Tag: WordPress.

    Thank you.


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