How To Add A ManageWP Button To Jetpack Sharing

Manage has been live since October 14th and has already accumulated over 1,000 registered users. The site has also been in the top 5 of traffic referrals to, thanks in large part to the unsolicited submission of articles and upvotes. We extend a huge thank you to all who have shared and voted on WPTavern articles on the site. Read on to learn how you can easily tap into this traffic source.

Jetpack Sharing moduleWhile offers two different button styles you can display within the content, I prefer not to have anything within the content block that serves as a distraction. That’s why I use the Sharing module within Jetpack. Using this module, I can add or subtract services for sharing content. I can also configure where they are displayed. ManageWP is not one of the supported services by default but you can easily add the service by following these instructions.

Browse to the sharing module in Jetpack and click the add new service link under available services.

  • For service name enter
  • Sharing URL:
  • Icon URL:

Then click on the create share button. This is where it becomes confusing. After clicking the create share button, you’ll see a spinning circle indicating that something is happening. When it stops, the add new service pop-up stays on the screen. This gives the appearance that it is broken or something is hanging, preventing the button from being created. In my experience, I closed the pop-up window and when I tried to add the new service again, the fields were filled with the data I supplied earlier but the create share button was stuck in the pressed position. However, when I refreshed the sharing button admin page, the ManageWP button showed up. I hope you have a smoother experience when creating the button.

Adding New Service In Jetpack

Once the button is created, just drag it to the enabled services section and arrange it to your liking. When a visitor clicks on the button and that article has not yet been submitted to the site, that visitor will be asked to log-in if they don’t have an account or are logged out. Next, the user will be presented with a screen to share the article. If the article has already been submitted, they will be taken to the article on where they can upvote it. A little known feature with this button is that the submitter also has the ability to supply an editorial comment which is viewed when visitors hover over the article title on

Why Adding The Button Is Important

Adding a ManageWP button to your site makes it easy for visitors to share and vote articles. It also helps them generate traffic, which helps other articles submitted on the site. I’ve been using since its launch and have found myself browsing around discovering different articles and providing a number of upvotes. The one thing I’ve discovered is that an article with a high number of upvotes on the front page does not mean it’s the freshest article. I’ve seen a few articles published months ago that are showing up on the front page with over 20 upvotes. So keep that in mind when browsing the site.

I’m interested in hearing from other WordPress content centric website owners. Has your traffic levels been any higher since the launch of

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