How Contributing To WordPress Made Glenn Ansley A Better Developer

One of the more inspiring posts to read within the past two weeks. Glenn Ansley whom I met at WordCamp Raleigh and is the man behind Full Throttle development told his story on how contributing to the core of WordPress has stepped up his game overall as a developer.

Its funny how you think you know ‘who’ a community is because you’re following a couple mailing lists or a couple of opinionated talkers on Twitter. Getting plugged into the development process has opened me up to a whole new world of very intelligent individuals that I continue to learn from by listening in on their conversations. My coding has become more efficient due to the little tidbits of information I skim off of their public discussions every day.

His story is well worth the read, especially for aspiring developers looking to contribute back in the form of a patch. But the biggest lesson overall is that because Glenn made the effort to familiarize himself with the entire process of how the inner circle of WordPress development works, he has turned himself into a more efficient developer overall.



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