Honey Badger Doesn’t Care About Anything

Apparently, this site has been around for a little while but I’ve just now seen it being shared across WordPress folks on Twitter. It’s the WordPress Honey Badger who has a bad attitude and does things the way it wants to do them which is not always the right way. I’ve been reading some of the recent posts and honey badger is a pretty funny animal. Crude language aside, there is some educational value in the website in that you shouldn’t accomplish tasks the same way Honey Badger does. For example, Honey Badger edits the core files to get things done which is not necessarily the best way to get things accomplished. I personally like Honey Badgers stance on the Capital P filter.


One response to “Honey Badger Doesn’t Care About Anything”

  1. Honey Badger may have the atitude, but the code is not yet working.

    I tried the wordpress, WordPress word both ways, and they both came back the Capital-P way.

    But hey! I see it comes back capless, here at the Tavern! … No, it comes back capless, if the ‘w’ is lowercase too, but caps if the ‘W’ is uppercase.

    I was surprised ‘a bit’ by the Cap-P ‘indulgence’. I remain unsure what to make of it. It could be a sign of a higher level of ‘political’ cleverness than I previously might have ascribed to Matt Mullenweg … or it could be a sign that he isn’t really holding up as well as we would hope (and probably, ‘need’).

    It very likely gets some folks into the code & studying it, who otherwise wouldn’t have had quite enough motivation. That has to be a good thing. Etc.

    If it is really an accurate reflection of Mr. Mullenweg’s emotional state, though, then my worry-index goes up a notch. Or two.


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