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  1. Ted Clayton

    Honey Badger may have the atitude, but the code is not yet working.

    I tried the wordpress, WordPress word both ways, and they both came back the Capital-P way.

    But hey! I see it comes back capless, here at the Tavern! … No, it comes back capless, if the ‘w’ is lowercase too, but caps if the ‘W’ is uppercase.

    I was surprised ‘a bit’ by the Cap-P ‘indulgence’. I remain unsure what to make of it. It could be a sign of a higher level of ‘political’ cleverness than I previously might have ascribed to Matt Mullenweg … or it could be a sign that he isn’t really holding up as well as we would hope (and probably, ‘need’).

    It very likely gets some folks into the code & studying it, who otherwise wouldn’t have had quite enough motivation. That has to be a good thing. Etc.

    If it is really an accurate reflection of Mr. Mullenweg’s emotional state, though, then my worry-index goes up a notch. Or two.


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