1. George DeLair

    Kudos to the PageLines team for making a patching plugin for users too scared of breaking their sites to update legacy based themes. More developers that find themselves in this kind of situation should respond in this way.


  2. jwenerd

    The published legacy fix breaks multisite sites using Pagelines. If you are using multisite, the capability should be edit_theme_options instead. I’ve published a fork here: https://gist.github.com/jwenerd/213232eef4ebc2936331


  3. Alan Kellogg

    When will the themes become easier to configure. As in, when will they become true drag and drop instead of the pseudo d&d now available?


  4. Shivanand Sharma

    So it would be an excellent topic for an article “How can a theme pose a security threat”. May be with some demo code. Because in general I’ve seen a lot of people ask that.


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