1. Kathryn P.

    You’ll need to create your own child theme if you want to further customize it.

    Just wanted to mention to folks that another way to change the yellow and black colour scheme would be to use a custom CSS plugin, like the custom CSS module in Jetpack or a standalone custom CSS plugin.


  2. Sudhir Khanger

    WordPress should really do something about Archive widget. Instead of showing every month of every year you have been blogging I would prefer current year and all other months from previous years stacked in their respective years.


  3. the one-eyed man

    I installed Hew last night, and it was working, but running out of the install sub-directory. I changed the site address to the root of the domain, and copied the appropriate files to the root, and updated the permalinks. The site is functioning properly, except that the “…”(widgets) menu button graphic at the right end of the the masthead has disappeared…
    Last night, it was an interesting glyph, today it is an “image placeholder” box…any wp experts know what happened?




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