HeroPress Publishes its First Essay “Finding Your Place” by Andrey Savchenko

heropressDespite not hitting his funding goal of $60k, Topher DeRosia took the feedback and support he received and moved forward with the HeroPress project. HeroPress now focuses on delivering information through text and images instead of video which significantly decreases costs. It also provides more translation opportunities as it’s easier to translate text versus video.

Although the project has new life, its mission remains the same: To develop the WordPress heroes of the world by sharing the accumulated wisdom of the community.

HeroPress has taken its first step in accomplishing this mission by publishing an essay by Andrey “Rarst” Savchenko entitled, “Finding Your Place”. The essay describes Savchenko’s journey in finding his place within the WordPress community.

It’s an inspiring read filled with peaks, valleys, and sound advice. If the first essay is any indication of what to expect out of HeroPress, I think the WordPress community is in for a treat. I for one can’t wait to read the next one.

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  1. I really love your logo, HeroPress!

    Sorry you didn’t make your Kickstarter but it’s good to see you didn’t let that get in your way. I think this may be better for you in the long run anyway. You will grow into your powers more gradually and find what people really need may not be what you were offering.

    As a seven year veteran hero of WordPress, I hope you will be successful beyond your wildest dreams. WordPress works for me on my personal websites and my friends at the StackExchange who you have interview recently.

    Good luck out there. Stay frosty Heroes!

    Thaddeus Howze
    Moderator: Science Fiction and Fantasy Stack Exchange
    Hub City Blues (http://hubcityblues.com)


    1. What does that matter if there’s some unfinished parts of the site? There’s some solid content there worth sharing. I don’t think I’ve ever launched a finished site.


      1. Nothing agains HeroPress, just notice, that if some site try to presents as high quality “Ted for WordPress” it would be adequately, if they care more about quality and design of website too.

        Many talented people write quality posts about different topics in WP community and they are not found compared to some sources which are promoted often even with lower quality.
        That was my point.


  2. I’ll say that I wasn’t expecting much from HeroPress, but the essay was an *excellent* introduction to Rarst. I’ve seen him *everywhere*, but now I finally understand his POV and why his comments are sometimes a bit edgy – it’s on purpose, and a good purpose at that.


    1. Thank you. :) While I am quite grumpy overall, a lot of my edginess in WordPress context does root in those very periphery issues HeroPress explores.


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