Help WPCampus Gather Data on How Schools and Campuses Use WordPress

The organizers of WPCampus are seeking feedback via a survey on how schools and campuses utilize WordPress in their environments. The survey consists of five sections:

  • How Do You Use WordPress on Campus
  • Site Demographics, Traffic, and Data
  • Plugins, Themes, and Features
  • Security, Performance, and Hosting
  • Your Team Structure & Workflows

There are a couple of perks for those who fill out the survey. Respondents will receive an anonymized version of the complete data set. Those who complete four or more sections will be entered into a drawing to win a free ticket to the conference and will receive a $5 Starbucks or Amazon Gift card.

Answer the questions that you know and skip the ones you don’t. The team needs as much data as possible to provide a clearer picture of WordPress’ use in higher education. If you know someone or an organization that uses WordPress in higher education, please share the survey with them. The survey closes on May 27th.


  1. I got a survey email last week from them and I finished the survey. I hope more people will take the survey.


  2. Thanks for sharing.

    I work in Higher Education with WordPress and would have missed this Survey and it’s conference.


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