1. Oliver

    Maybe make the donation link more obvious – I know you’ve included it twice but a DONATE TO JESSE’S FUND link would be good.


  2. Ron Seigel



  3. Ozzy Rodriguez

    As a minority, I’m absolutely appalled at the fact that you would want to help a person who has shown himself to be a racist person. Racism should have no place anywhere.

    While I feel for his situation, I would much rather money go directly to foundations who help solve the disease, so other people can benefit, and not just to someone who happens to be in the WordPress community who shares ideals and philosophies with those who are completely against what the community stands for.

    This is a person who’s said the N-Word openly on social media and then defended it’s use.

    Please, before posting something like this about anyone, do your research on the kind of person they are.


    • Nemanja Aleksic

      Can you link to the content you mentioned?


    • Nick

      When someone’s life is in jeopardy, it doesn’t matter what that person think about certain topics, is he a racist or no etc.. No one deserves to die! Either help em out or mind your own business! You should be ashamed of yourself. I’ll link the article to a few more sites.


    • Calvin

      As a witness to this entire controversy, I can say that it’s completely unfounded to label Jesse as a “racist”. Not sure what your vendetta is with him, but leave it alone when it comes to something as serious as this.

      By the way, even if it were true that he had some sort of supremacist mindset, your apparent lack of compassion makes you no better than the next “racist” down the street.


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