1. Craig

    We put a halt on a few bbPress projects over the last few years, but it just has so much potential, especially when paired with BuddyPress. Looking forward to seeing the results.


  2. Craig

    The “please take the survey” link in last para is leading to a older blog post rather than the survey, https://bbpress.org/blog/2015/05/2015-bbpress-survey/


  3. Robin

    Thanks Jeff, just took the survey. Although not sure what if any difference it will make. The previous survey certainly didn’t result in any real change.

    Unfortunately, as with all open source projects, any criticism runs the risk of making the author of it sound like an ungrateful jerk. The truth is that without sincere feedback no such endeavors can ever hope to flourish. And yes, at times such feedback includes constructive criticism which may not be welcome by the dev team.

    It is clear that bbPress has fallen way way behind other forum solutions. The developers have to be the first to recognize this and to rally the whole wordpress community behind them to remedy this. That requires them to listen to feedback (ie more than just a token survey done each year and then completely ignored immediately thereafter).

    Users and the wider community can’t take the lead unfortunately, they can and are willing to consult and collaborate. The process needs to start with those who have been given leadership roles by accepting the reality that a major change is needed and then having the humility to actually listen to users and be responsive to the community.


  4. Sol Huebner

    bbPress does urgently needs a mobile friendly UI. I really hope the project can stand up again. To be honest I have more hope for some newcomers like Flarum. It feels like bbPress is abandoned. I am not sure if it is worth the effort (I see a lot of tickets lately) or if it would be better to integrate something like Flarum as it is also open source and was designed with the new web possibilities in mind. I hope the best for bbPress as I really like the BuddyPress integration :-)


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