Help Contribute To The Official WordPress Developer Resource By Testing Code References

Announced at WordCamp San Francisco during Matt Mullenweg’s State of The Word 2013 presentation, will host educational tools for developers in the form of handbooks and code referencing material.

It will be the go-to place to discover WordPress best practices. Since educational materials surrounding WordPress are spread across the web, it’s hard for developers to determine which pieces of information are considered best practice. One of the potential side effects to having all of the WordPress best practices in one place is the increased chance themes and plugins will be better developed.

Potentially How The New Site Will Look
Potentially How The New Site Will Look

When asked what the main priority is to help get the site completed, Siobhan McKeown, a volunteer for the project said, “We’re working on getting the parser finished so the priority is getting that tested. As soon as it’s done and it’s up and running we’ll be looking for people to work on the theme.”

The code reference is close to being finished but the team would like your help to give it a final push to get it out the door. The items that need attention are as follows:

  1. Testing WP-Parserinstructions on setting it up here.
  2. Fixing issues with WP-Parser
  3. Working on the code reference side of the website
  4. Helping to finish off the handbook themes

If you’re interested in helping out, the team meets up regularly on Tuesdays at 19:00 UTC in the #wordpress-sfd IRC channel. Interested contributors will also be added to a Skype channel.