1. Lenin Zapata

    It looks great the idea and the potential in the future, copying 2 instances of code is simple but maybe it would also be looking for a way to download the 2 files (text block and css) in a .zip file and upload it within the gutenberg editor This is how the blocks are assembled in a magical and automatic way.


    • Munir Kamal


      Thank you for the feedback.

      Just wondering why would you like to go through a long process by downloading zip and then extract it on your desktop then import it in WordPress via an importer plugin or built-in importer?

      Isn’t the Copy & Paste approach much simpler and fast?


  2. Joseph Quinn

    This has huge potential. I would like to see it incorporated into the WordPress core so you don’t even have to leave the post editor which is what it sounds like might be coming in the future. The idea of adding projects that can automatically be styled to fit your site design will increase productivity. I’m excited about the prospect of these ideas coming to life in future WordPress releases


    • Justin Tadlock

      Yes, block patterns are happening in a version or two for core WordPress. What I would like to see from the Gutenberg Hub team is for them to take the template library and integrate it into the pattern system via a plugin.

      There’s a host of interesting things that could happen like this. They could potentially even attach it to an API on their site so that the patterns offered by the plugin stays updated. Maybe a paid service that stores project files through the API. Custom branding (colors, fonts, etc.).

      I think the work here has huge potential, particularly with such a large template design library at this point.


    • Munir Kamal

      Using our chrome browser extension (Link mentioned in the post) you already have the Templates Library accessible while you are working in the Gutenberg. Using that you don’t have to leave the editor, simply browse templates and copy-paste it where you want to insert the section. We have also integrated the Unsplash Stock Images API in the extension so when you insert a design you can quickly replace the images with the relevant stock images if you like.

      Here is a quick intro video of the extension.

      The Builder, on the other hand, is another use case where you need to spin Gutenberg pages quickly without even installing WordPress or anything.

      What do you think?

      @Justin – Those are some great suggestions, and yes I am definitely looking into patterns API and all the progress going on with the Gutenberg editor.



  3. Amit Biswas

    This is going to be awesome. I already have used Elementor page builder with similar templating features but Gutenberg in WordPress is special on this occasion. The future is very bright as per couple of important things in my mind right now – 1. Less dependency on third party plugins, 2. Lightweight and Search engine friendly.

    There is more which we can explore. Thanks…


  4. Trishan Mehta

    I like the idea of the content templates that you can copy and paste in the block editor. I tried it out by copying and pasting the HTML and was pleasantly surprised that the post looked exactly like the template.

    Things are really looking up for the block editor with such resources. Now I can hardly wait for block patterns to become part of the WordPress core.


  5. David Boozer

    So, I just set my eyes on it…WOW! That is actually really, really cool and I am already messing around with it. I have to say, using blocks and all the editing options today is just amazing!


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