1. Jacob McKinney

    This is a really cool idea! It would be great to see this or something similar adopted into the WP admin so you can search for blocks like you do plugins or themes. Kudos to Danny!


  2. Ahmad Awais

    🙌 That’s a nice collection of Blocks. Good stuff Dany. Arranging them in this way is quite helpful, only if there was a way to pick and choose and use just the blocks you need. I’m thinking a blocks manager.

    🤔I just went through the source code of all of the ~60 listed blocks and except for two blocks (which were probably created too early) about 55 blocks a whopping 97% of them were created with my zero-config starter-kit create-guten-block.

    😇If anything, it’s a testament to how much WordPress community needs help with tooling, if 9 out of 10 developers are choosing CGB to make a Gutenberg block, maybe it’s time we invest time in Developer Experience and developer-tooling.

    Peace! ✌️


  3. Paolo

    According to our directory that fetches directly from the wordpress.org API there are at least 99 plugins tagged gutenberg.


    I would guess that there are many more than the 60 blocks listed there…


  4. Maeve Lander

    WordPress.org may be able to benefit from a centralized block library in the future

    I’m curious – do you see this as a different library to the plugin directory, or an evolution of the existing .org plugin directory?

    Or perhaps putting it a different way… Right now, our concept of “block” may be different to our concept of what makes a “plugin”… but long term, are they the same thing?


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