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  1. Gutenberg Lover or Hater

    I would think about how to change the settings from being narrowed inside tiny sidebars and the question what happens with people which invested in 27″ iMacs, 24/32/34/38/43+ monitors which are primarily professionals?

    Shouldn’t the UI take into account that customers could vary from people using their iPads and MacBook Airs, to people who use iMacs and Wide screen monitors.

    There is absolutely no sense for people with desktop monitors to have every setting in these tiny sidebars and the buttons aligned on left and right when the window is maximized on a 30+ inch monitor for example.

    All major softwares like Office softwares, G Docs etc utilize the space based on the device that you use. It would make total sense for Gutenberg and WP in general to do that.

    Just because 90%+ of the devs use 13 to 14 inch MacBooks, doesn’t meant this is the primary customer base.

    If unsure, I think there could be an optional analytics data feature in WordPress which could give the devs a general understanding of the OS, device and screen size for all WordPress users, so they could get who’s their primary target is.

    I didn’t invest so much money in these big monitor just to have all my settings tied in a tiny sidebar.

    Yes, I do understand that people don’t like the idea of Genesis to use wide popups and this is not what the Gutenberg team wants, however, there must be a way for all those who work in a professional environment with giant desktop monitors, to have their buttons if they want that.

    It is sad to ask this each time and to see even more features being hidden away which results in more clicks, less drag and drop and less intuitivity.

    I think in order for Gutenberg to stop being hated so much, they should think about adjusting a flexible UI that is suitable for every screen size and device and choice. Hiding key functionality and requiring clicking all the time with multi-click options that were just one click in the Classic editor is not going forward, it is going backwards.

    The UI needs extreme polish and flexibility. As Marx said “From each according to their ability, to each according to their needs”.


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