1. Average Joe

    No Average Joe knows that these are draggable since the cursor doesn’t change. The up/down arrows are not suitable for touch screen 2-in-1s and touch screen PCs and tablets. Dragging on a touch screen is also not possible due to the glitchy implementation. The war on drag’n’drop continues. Simple actions require multiple clicks rather than making the editor a true drag’n’drop frontend editor like most people wanted and what will actually benefit the average Joe.


  2. Ricardo de la Rosa

    I haven’t played around with the new Gutenberg editor, but it seems friendly.

    I’d need to get used to these new features and enhancements.

    I think in the long run, they’ll be accepted as any other updates and releases from WordPress.

    Thanks for sharing this news, Sarah.


  3. Lucy Ng

    That’s interesting. I don’t often use some advanced stuff of Guteneberg but I think I should try it. There are more update and Gutenberg becomes more interesting


  4. Edidiong Ekpo

    Wow, I love this new release, Gutenberg keeps improving daily. This will really help a lot of bloggers 👍.

    Thanks for sharing the news.


  5. Bud

    I find Gutenberg to be more puzzling and less intuitive with almost every new iteration. It is so disappointing. You will tell me it’s just Gutenberg growing pains but people need tools that work now, not in a few years.


  6. Nelo Reis

    There are some good ideas on Gutenberg. But some others are simply just bat shit crazy. I hate external page builders as they destroy performance.
    Gutenberg will a good alternative someday in the future.. But right now.. it does not look like they have a clear vision on where to take it moving forward.
    Gutenberg still feels like travel luggage without a handle and no wells.


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