1. Theodor

    Instead of releasing new features, what about fixing at least some of the 1000+ old issues and/or help users who have – due to the way too early released callout – become betatesters by accident, one example of many: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/after-the-newest-update-i-cant-edit-any-posts-anymore/


  2. Carol

    I have over 300 clients on WP and none of them want to use Guttenberg. They do not have time to learn a new system and trend over 50. These are not blog sites, they are full on business websites.
    Those types of clients do not care about these so called “features” and interface. Old school editor for ease of use is the key here. This new editor is an entirely new way to work and people do not have time for this BS. I cannot believe WP is going to force this on millions of people. This is not going to go well. I have been teaching WP for 12 years. This is a mistake. My clients do not like divi theme for this very reason.


  3. Joseph Dickson

    Keyboard navigation also seems much improved. I was editing a lengthy post this weekend and didn’t have to reach for my mouse for most if it.

    I’m very impressed on the improvements over the last couple months.


  4. Marcus Tibesar

    Thank you GB Development Team for fixing the issues with centering of images – most appreciated! Hopefully videos will center properly now as well. Lots of real nice touches were added to the editor as well, and we like the placement of the hamburger menu with the other icons.


  5. bart kennes

    As long as Gutenberg doesn’t offer the functionality of the best pagebuilders today, webdesigners WILL keep using Elementor, DIVI, … in combination with Gutenberg. (= per definition a hybrid system). So therefore Gutenberg will cause even more fragmentation, because the future of WordPress will be hybrid for a long time to come.

    And at the same time, more and more theme builders will begin creating their OWN Gutenberg blocks, mimicking pagebuilder functionality and hereby again … creating even more fragmentation.

    Gutenberg still has a long way to go and therefore it won’t be able to solve the fragmentation in this fragmented pagebuilder- and bloated “multipurpose” theme-world, which was actually created by … WordPress itself. Because WordPress is unable to close the gap between what WordPress core does and what users want.

    Like Android ONE can’t solve Android’s fragmentation, Gutenberg won’t solve WordPress’ fragmentation. There are just to many parties involved, each going their own way.


  6. Eric Needle

    Love Gutenberg. Thank you, WP Team.


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