1. Anthony Hortin

    It’s a pity these new tips look nothing like the existing tips (Feature Pointers) in the rest of the WP UI. So now we have two completely different styled tips in the Dashboard! It makes the Editor interface even more inconsistent with the rest of core.


  2. Kurt Schlatzer

    If your interface requires tips to use it successfully, you’ve already failed.


  3. kazandragmet.ru

    Prior to being introduced as part of WordPress 5.0 as a content editor, Gutenberg was only available as a plugin. The main motto behind the integration is to present more user-friendly editing platform to the users. Moreover, the users will get the close resemblance of the page or the post they are creating and know how it shall look on the front end after they are published! Yes, the live preview option is there on the present editor, however, the connection gets little broken and we don’t always get the exact sense about how the created contents will look on the website.


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