1. Tony Zeoli

    Awesome! This was the bug I’d found and reported. Yippee! So glad they figured that one out. It’s been a long time since I reported that you couldn’t edit a permalink!


  2. Kingsley Felix

    nice its getting better daily. cant wait to see how it works


  3. Yogi

    Good to see the progress for Gutenberg!


  4. james katt

    Gutenberg is not ready for prime time if it is incompatible with nginx. That is unacceptable.



    • Jamie

      I run nginx on my server and Gutenberg works just fine even with pretty permalinks.


    • Gary

      Hey James,

      Thanks for bringing that link to my attention, I’ve commented on the post there, but figured I’d repeat the gist of it here, too. :-)

      Gutenberg generally works with nginx, there are a lot of people using nginx while developing Gutenberg, and for testing release versions. We occasionally see different configurations that don’t work correctly, but we’re always happy to figure out to what’s going on.

      If you do run into problems with Gutenberg, I’d like to help get to the bottom of them. The best way is to open a new issue on the Gutenberg repo, so we can dig into it some more.


    • Terence

      This is a complete nonsense. Gutenberg works fine with NginX here, and I know several other people using NginX with Gutenberg, and its working fine there too. The problems with Gutenberg are self-inflicted, not external, and nothing to do with NginX.


  5. Ben Pettit

    I’m for one excited about it getting better. It will be interesting to see how it shapes web design and what the other page builders/css grid tools respond in coming years.


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