1. Steve Grant

    As WP goes more toward the page builder / Wix market one thing which other developers of bespoke CMS sites for clients may want is this snippet:

    function my_unregister_patterns() {
        remove_theme_support( 'core-block-patterns' );
    add_action( 'after_setup_theme', 'my_unregister_patterns' );

    That hides all the core patterns, allowing us to add only the ones the clients signed-off!
    In my case I never want clients to see the block directory so that snippet is very vital. Clients of corporate sites want a tightly curated selection of patterns, as signed off by their marketing team.

    Now if only I could figure out how to disable the Block Inserter Search pulling in those weird external 3rd party Fremium blocks ! I mean the result listing which tells editors in the Block Inserter: “Available to install Select a block to install and add it to your post.” (!)

    If anyone knows how to unhook those 3rd party Block Install suggestions I will be very grateful!


  2. Sally G

    Still waiting for a multiparagraph block for longish articles, right? Clinging to Classic Editor in the meantime.


    • CW

      Does it not work for you to use multiple paragraph blocks or a group block with several paragraph blocks inside it? I’m just curious.


      • Sally G

        It just seems complex to create a new block for every paragraph, and have to group them. I am used to working in Open Office or something similar, just changing style tags for a heading, subhead, body text, etc.

        I am a bit of an amateur at WP, done some work on and off over time, attended Word Camps in 2015 & 16, and now getting more involved with a few sites. (I also worked in InDesign, and now in Affinity Publisher—the lack of control over spacing around images is making me crazy, too, even in the classic editor.)


    • Justin Tadlock

      I feel like I’m missing some context here. Basic paragraph functionality is at the core of the WordPress editor. You just hit the Enter key to create a new paragraph after the previous one.


    • Paal Joachim Romdahl

      Hey Sally

      I assume you mean articles flowing automatically from one column to the next. A way of connecting the columns together, so that the overflow of text from column one goes into column two. I think you might be interested in checking out this Github issue:
      Word flow in columns


    • Knut Sparhell

      You have tried the Classic Block, which is “multi paragraph”?

      It seems to get little attention, and has been available from day 1. Should be good for those who like the classic way for content, without reverting to the full classic editor.


      • Sally G

        Yes, Classic Block is the block I am using most consistently; on a new site that I brought over from Joomla, all the posts that were brought over are in classic blocks and I am copy editing as I categorize and tag.

        For the other site on which I work most, created by a colleague in Elementor, I use Classic Editor for any new material I create.


  3. sbphoto

    In the default button creator, why do they not have a hover class that you can design the hover effect in the default WP install of Gutenburg?


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