1. Nick

    The more I’m testing this thing, the more I really, REALLY hate it!

    Please keep it as a plugin…


  2. mark k.

    38 one star votes (most of them with details for the reasoning) vs 15 5 stars, but I guess we have passed the stage in which even just pretending that core cares about community feedback was a requirement..


  3. Patrick

    Am all for poetry , but a verse block at this stage? How much use would that get? Is that really a priority to include given all the work needed in getting the basics right?


    • rtpHarry

      Thats what I thought, glad they are nailing the essentials :P

      I guess there is probably a reason for behind it though, like it was easy or it was somebody onboarding themselves to contribute or it needed to test a bit of functionality? Or they are just real big fans of prose! haha


    • Rick Gregory

      This is what happens when you don’t have a product manager guiding things. You get silly crap like this (even if this was easy, it’s not necessary).

      If this really is forced on us in 5.0 I’ll be actively looking at Craft and other CMS solutions.


  4. Kristin

    Sarah, thank you so much for keeping us up to date on Gutenburg. For my clients, the current content-adding and editing experience is horrible. They hate it so much they don’t use it. Various front-end editing plugins have been temporary god-sends for them . . . and then those solutions quit working as WP updates roll in.

    Gutenburg is my only hope and your objective updates are very useful for me. Again, thank you!


  5. Sallie Goetsch (rhymes with sketch)

    I’d love to know the reasoning behind using the carrot icon to indicate verse.


  6. Tyler

    *ducks and covers*


  7. Antonio

    In my opinion, one of the reasons for the gazzilion 1 star reviews is fear of change…
    At the moment Gutenberg is barely usable, this is a fact, but that could be said of almost any software during production..

    One of my clients has a vip pr company in asia they copy and paste a ton of press releases in TinyMCE, I talked to her about Gutenberg and I told her that soon enough it will be the new editor on her website. She did some googling, out of curiosity, and saw all the crappy reviews. She asked me to try it.
    After 10 minutes of trying the thing she said something like:
    “The problem here is that you present it to me as an editor if you tell me is an editor i expect to be able to use it like Word. This is much more, is a Canvas. And I think it has great potential once they get it to work.”
    She also said that the text block should be called “paragraph” because “that’s what it actually is” and other things and I think she’s kind of right on both the points.

    I played a little with the blocks api and i managed to make a few cool looking blocks it’s really not that hard considering that I almost don’t know how to spell React… much less code in it.

    Devs will make all sorts of acrobatics with blocks once they get the grasp on the basics and the metaboxes will keep working as they are today this has been made clear on the various github issues.

    Widgets will be ported into blocks? What’s the problem? There is a widgets api now there will be a widgets api then.

    Maybe one thing i find annoying is that blocks are a little bit too atomic for my taste and that some things like social media buttons and author boxes i don’t think should be part of an editor of any sort… but hey.. one less bit of code to maintain in themes and plugins..

    Gutenberg is new and kind of clumsy at the moment but if one day we wish to have front end editing in core TinyMCE as we know it today needs to go..

    Just my 2 cents..


    • Zac

      She said that the text block should be called “paragraph” because “that’s what it actually is” and other things and I think she’s kind of right

      No. Just no. LOL. So typical of an end user. There also seems to be a bit of the blind leading the blind here. The label she suggests is too restrictive and it gives the impression of only a single paragraph. This likely would cause even more confusion. Considering the actual block enforces no such limitation, that wouldn’t seem a smart thing to name it. The fact that you actually agree with it even partly is just sad.


  8. Cameron Jones

    Next time someone wants to spew out the 80/20 fallacy, I’ll just point them to the verse block


  9. YoureUninvited

    A verse block! How useful!

    Guess we’ll see things that the vast majority of users would actually want, like column support, some time in 2019.


  10. Truong Giang

    IMHO, Gutenberg is still in development, and there are a lot of things need to be improved. I believe that Gutenberg developers will make it most convenient like we use TinyMCE before. Don’t try to compare the Gutenberg beta vs. current editor then vote it 1 star. Let’s send your opinion, or things need to be changed to Gutenberg developers for them to improve it.
    And I hope criticisms or 1-star ratings do not make the Gutenberg developers frustrated.


    • Rick Gregory

      IF they don’t want ratings it shouldn’t be released even as beta yet. It’s nonsense to tell people not to give feedback because it’s beta… thats THE TIME to give feedback so they can account for it and course correct if needed. Ideally people would give actual written feedback though – ratings are not that useful (positive or negative) as they don’t tell anyone why that rater gave it that score.


  11. theMojoWill

    What do we want?

    None of this.

    When do we want it?

    Nobody cares.


  12. Peter

    WordPress get improvements every update. I like emoji, dolly, carrots and poetry, jazz and all that amazing things that exist. It would be nice if everything is powered by some cool JavaScript with API, that everything can cooperate, duck face can sing Hello Dolly, poets can eat carrots while typing in blocks from front-end obviously. What a beautiful world. No more space for SEO guru pro developers.


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