1. Scott Winterroth

    This is great, happy to see Gravity Forms making a leap to a new interface. I do wish they had a native integration with Divi. It’s very difficult to get a shortcode now to plop it into a Divi module.


  2. richard Ginn

    That is one massive change to the UI for Gravity Forms.

    I do like how they finally deal with columns.


  3. Stephen Vaughan

    Looks like a great update. It’s a while since I used it because for most use cases I don’t require the level of sophistication that it affords, but you can configure some really complex forms. The one thing I didn’t like about the older version was the UI and navigating it. The new version looks like a breath of fresh air, a good example of how the block editor comes into its own.


  4. Aris Kuckovic

    I have some customers who will be thrilled to see the new UI!
    Especially when they’ve adapted to Gutenberg already.

    Way to go, GF-team!


  5. Raghavenddra Satish Peri

    Worked with gravity forms few years back & accessibility was the challenge. Good to see that they adapted accessibility into their plug-in & this will make a lot of difference across the web where ever this plug-in is used.


  6. Dominique Pijnenburg

    Another great thing about this update is that Gravity Forms isn’t breaking anymore upon moving jQuery to the footer.


  7. Avrom

    Long time GF user here. This looks really nice and I’m looking forward to it!

    My only concern is the push towards Gutenberg as we won’t use it and prefer to Build in Elementor. I hope we won’t be pushed out of Gravity Forms by not adopting the new Gutenberg editor.


    • richard Ginn

      Just because you use Elementor or even DIVI it is not going to matter. This is a brand new looking interface for Gravity Forms that is fully needed.


  8. Peter Ingersoll

    I just tested setting up a Gravity Forms form with all the primary fields and no tweaking. It resulted in zero accessibility errors, at least that I could find through some of the most available testing tools. I use the block editor and the form set up was simple and intuitive.


  9. matlabi

    I was thrilled to see this interface. excellent


  10. Martin

    I love Gravity Forms, I use it on a majority of my own sites and customer sites. It suits 99% of things I do.

    The overhauled UI is going in the right direction but I still think things are way too big on the actual form editor page. Dealing with big long forms is still a long and annoying chore.

    Slim things down more like how the notification page is and it would be perfect.

    Side by side of notifications and the form editor page:

    View post on imgur.com

    The Add Fields section is perfect thought.


  11. nathan simpson

    I hate it… obviously i sitll use the classic editor and prefer to just be productive – no issues before and now i feel like im learning a new tool – i downgraded after a day…


    • Niall Flynn

      Its nothing new, just a ‘new’ design, give it 15 mins it will be handy to use. GF is a great form tool, this was well them following the trend. I agree there is nothing ‘new’ here. They didnt manage the CSS well as the transitioned, I saw folks on crummier hosting with PHP issues etc. The new UI is not easier to use it just looks like Gutenberg, but thankfully is stable. I dont see the need to design a form like this, the older CSS classes did the exact same thing without a buggy style drag and drop, multi click layout. It takes more time to do the same thing like all Gutenberg clone UI/UX.


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