1. Milan Petrović

    I am using my own GD Crumbs Navigator Pro with JSON-LD support for breadcrumbs, and there are no issues. Google reports issues with RDF and Microdata markup for breadcrumbs in sime cases.


    • Neo

      The problem is, is that some breadcrumb paths in themes or plugins, seo plugins etc. have the wrong syntax. Even in JSON-LD you can make mistakes and have the issue. It is just because itemprop=”item” element is either missing, empty or is having the wrong value (“url”) in the breadcrumb url a-tag. That is just all. If you do it right you do not have the issue.


  2. John

    I also received this Google notification for a site and this was very confusing as I’m using Yoast for this particular site but breadcrumbs were not enabled there.

    After checking the theme’s customizer settings I found out that I had enabled an option there that adds Yoast’s breadcrumbs in pages.
    When I first did this I thought that I was enabling only breadcrumbs in my pages and that had nothing to do with SEO, hence not enabling them at Yoast settings.

    Those breacrumbs work fine in all my site’s pages and I’m still confused about the relation with Google and SEO. I really don’t care if Google uses breadcrumbs at search results pages, all I want is having them displaying at my pages.

    I finally enabled them also at Yoast settings and marked those notifications at Search Console as fixed in order to check if that solves the issue but it would be very helpful for someone to clarify what is the relation between Google breadcrumbs and those used by themes for displaying on top of pages for visitor’s convenience as I can’t see any.


  3. Ekijah Jonah

    Well from a viewpoint think Breadcrumb navigation often looks clumsy when you access a site on smaller devices like Tablets, Smartphone etc. It adds to visual clutter and clumsiness especially on touch phone devices.


    • neo

      I added the ability per page to have the breadcrumbs in a page but visably hidden by a page setting. In some pages i just do not want to see them.The breadcrumb (visual clutter if any which is just bad coding if you ask me) is not seen by the user but the breadcrumbs are seen by the search engine.


  4. neo alibe

    the solution is very simple. The a-tag in the breadcrumbs needs to have itemprop=”item” instead of itemprop=”url” or a missing itemprop=”” element.

    Until recent it just worked with itemprop=”url” which of course is correct when using a url ! But apparently in breadcrumbs it needs to be itemprop=”item”

    Pffffff. Let’s make things easy Google !


    i just implemented this and all error reports are gone.


    Real Dresses


    • Milan Petrović

      I analyzed some of the Google reports in more detail, and in some cases, it is indeed the itemprop to blame. My plugin always sets itemprop to item, not url, but it is not only that.

      In few cases (same generator on the whole website), out of 60 pages, only 3 were flagged as invalid, and when the Google shows the markup of invalid breadcrumbs it highlights huge part of HTML outside of breadcrumbs, that has nothing to do with. I have similar pages, sharing the same structure HTML, and there is no difference, but Google flagged one, and not the other.

      I think that some blame here is with Google also and some issues they have with the breadcrumbs on the Search Console. Because, even the URL’s they flagged, when tested in rich snippets test tool, they show breadcrumbs as 100% valid (no errors or warnings).


  5. Aurélien Denis

    I can confirm that if you use BreadCrumb NavXT, you need to adapt the HTML markup and use some hooks to do this. It’s not that hard but you need a developper…

    The easy way is using SEOPress which perfectly hande JSON-LD for WordPress breadcrumbs.


  6. Benjamin Denis

    The breadcrumb navigation of SEOPress does not generate any error in Search Console (JSON-LD or Microdata).

    And fully accessible.

    Disclaimer: I’m the founder.


  7. Amarjit

    Breadcrumb NavXT, is not showing any errors but google search console shows a “missing item” error report.


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