1. Brin Wilson

    I’d like to see a website using this plugin, because my experience of lazy loading to date has been pretty much terrible. Why? Because I often scroll down a webpage quite fast (sometimes just skimming through, and sometimes looking for something in particular half way down the page, etc), and as I do, I often see blank spaces where the images are meant to be and often have to wait ages for them to lazy load in… it can be absolutely infuriating. Does this plugin solve this, I wonder?


    • Simon

      Brin, i have the exakt same experience. Lazy loading is terrible when its not needed, that is when you are on a fast device with fast network.
      Perhaps its due to the actual JS implementations.
      Now the only way to know is to try this new plug-in and browser feature in action. I Will try it on many websites for certain.


    • Matt Foster

      I see the same problems with skimming a page. I hope the lazy load can capture better speed and tackle quick skimmers such as us.


  2. Anh Tran

    Great news. Loading images is always a big problem for performance. Hopefully, Firefox will add the lazyload feature soon.


  3. Rajavanya

    Love this move and it forces website creators to think about uploading the right images and makes website platforms to force optimum image sizes automatically. I wish chrome also creates an (optional) native image resize/compression plugin whenever user uploads an image.


  4. Nikita_Sp

    Just tried this plugin on one of my projects. Speeding up sounds nice, but what about responsive? It just breaks images grid (replace img with svg without any width or height params) and doesn’t load any of them while scrolling.


  5. Peter Larsen

    Thanks fot the heads up.

    I’ve just tried this on a few of my sites and have decreased the site speed dramatically. I’m also not waiting on the lazy loaded images to catch up with my scrolling. This was always something that irritated me. This just works.

    Now this needs to be added to the WordPress core.


  6. Timothy

    This is quite great. It decreased my loading time by more than a second, from 2.6s to 1.3s.
    Skimmers will have to patient, because based on priorities, performance is the priority. Thanks


  7. Becky

    This is great news for blogs running with WordPress. I have installed the plugin on my blog and it works great. I was able to reduce my site loading time by half. Great plugin!


  8. Paul Davidson

    Nice to see Google working on some open source solution in the WordPress world. They’ve been on my bad list lately because the Maps Javascript API is such a pain. Projects like this help!


  9. Godswill Chijioke

    I heard its not supported by most browsers, only on chrome…

    …is that true?


  10. fwolf

    Well, calling this “native” really is a blatant lie. “Native for Chrome” (and even then, probably only for Chrome Desktop) wouid be a correct statement.

    cu, w0lf.


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