1. Bjarne

    Thank you very much for this heads up, appreciated. Appears that dropping custom lazy loading scripts, and just stick with the upcoming native lazy load support in WordPress 5.5, is a safe solution? https://wptavern.com/native-lazy-loading-support-coming-to-wordpress


    • Paul

      Jetpack currently has a JavaScript-based lazy load feature. Based on the above information, I’m thinking that using it should be avoided.


    • Scott Hartley

      I want to add that JS lazy loading still has performance advantages. The native lazy loading functionality isn’t supported in all browsers but outside of that, it has the disadvantage of having a very large range for when it starts downloading images.

      For instance, a typical lazy load plugin will fetch images in viewport immediately + 300 pixels maybe less outside of the viewport. However, native lazy load does the viewport + 1500 (most recent revision) which is substantially larger and is too eager. You will still see performance gains, at least for now by using the a JS library.


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