1. Acacia C.

    This is an awesome application of WordPress, and shows how versatile the platform can be.


  2. Michael Beil

    Great to hear more on this app.


  3. Julien (@julien731)

    Their app looks really cool. I also like the way they showcase their projects and the pride they take in what they build. Now, what would be really awesome is if they could find an agreement with their client and open the app publicly :)


  4. Eric

    Would love to see how they changed the admin look. I wonder if they used ACFs front end forms and just bypass the admin completely…


  5. Rick


    Not to be negative….

    The question in there as to why use WordPress .vs. Bootcamp, I’d be saying why use WordPress .vs. Liferay Portal which we have used and has a completely customizable workflow that can satisfy all of a enterprise entities intranet/internet needs in one high performance application? It’s perfect for enterprise level entities, has a community edition and pretty much guarantee’s the client will be coming back for more as it is capable “out of the box” to handle international / multinational business intranet/internets.

    Its important to know more than “one thing”. While we are rather new to WP we have had in 5 weeks 4 referrals without even mentioning a thing of sites using WooCommerce to port them to another platform. Not like we even have the time to do it but we will manage setting all 4 (luckily) into Prestashop.

    Liferay is used by Cisco, BASF, Toyota, Disney on and on. Its exactly what it is MEANT to do and it does it so much better than WP or Joomla its literally night and day. Its not something that get cobbled together to suit a task and the development firm not only can make a TON more money but appear a WHOLE lot more professional in doing so.

    I shall cite an example. Was’nt us but a different firm out of Buffalo we’d met at a tech seminar. The received a contract with a local company (Was called like Gentech or something along those lines). I dont know the results of it all either as their CEO had told me they just acquired the contract (I always put us out there to other firms, “If you need custom code, need C#, PHP, Java, integrations help whatall). Anyways… Place was using WP and some PHP portal app? Cant recall the name but was pretty big in 2010. They too were looking at modding out WP to service this clients needs.

    The Clients needs however sure… could be done with WP. But why? They wanted eCommerce and intranet capabilities in accordance with some external channels. Prestashop fit their eCommerce needs and then some. Liferay (which is Java based) makes any portal applications in PHP look simply silly. I told their CEO, spent almost 3 hours with him and didnt get back to my city until nearly 4AM in the morning look at WHAT you can charge for this. Moving their site from WP to Prestashop $5000 giving them what they are asking for, if they want product moved, slap another $1500 bucks atop it. Use any one of the intelligent data conversion codebase libraries available in .NET for Windows. They make moving fairly complex data, which this isnt less difficult, in the case of like Joomla or WP its simply trivial. Thats $1500 extra for an hour of coding in visual studio and 20 seconds runtime.

    Told him with Liferay not only can they get the workflows being requested but they can be customized very very granular at anytime and if they “do it right” they can more than likely expect this companies channel partners to be calling. Another $20,000 minimum atop it. By what I saw of the requirement, about 72 hours of work. So, 8 hours a day, two weeks done. $27,000 two weeks work. Not a single piece of code need be done short of the theme and prospect transport of the eCommerce data.

    With a company such as Frito Lay? Oh my gosh. WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY.

    You dont give companies like this “What they need” even if that was WP workflows. Uh uh. You give them WAY more than they need and explain HOW and WHY its the better solution as they can integrate ALL intranet workflows both domestic and international with fine granular support.

    So whether its corporate communications, or product design, or advertising, or this dept. or that dept. they can see a “future” that affords both tight AND loose process integrations possible.

    Hence why entities like Toyota for example use Liferay. I mean, its hundreds of thousands of dollars of prospect work and as the cherry atop the cake if one makes extensions to suit specific needs for Liferay one now has a pluther of BIG companies with BIG wallets as prospect clients.


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