1. Bobby B.

    RMS deserves to have that position as he was one of the founders of this movement. More importantly we have recently found that many of these tech leaders find themselves somewhere on the spectrum. His own words of not understanding are an indicator and to deny him that is to deny his “lived experience”. So to not tolerate that is a serious breach of the very values that his condemners claim to hold. But this was never about values of morality. I’m excited to see what gets made by the people who spend more time debating terminology and inclusivity, since, they always seem so confident in their abilities, despite having inherited all that they control now.


    • CW

      It is incredibly stigmatizing to people on the spectrum to attribute toxic behavior to that. They are perfectly capable of treating other people with respect, and I’ve heard many ask people to stop saying that. That line of reasoning is bigoted, plain and simple.

      As a person with power over others, it was his responsibility to ensure he wasn’t creating a hostile environment. It was not the responsibility of the people under his power to educate him.


  2. Doc Pop

    Just a quick note, Fitz is the founder of Tock, not Squarespace. It’s a little confusing since the former was acquired by the latter.

    I really liked his point though; the FSF wold rather have RMS involved in the free software movement than the people he has pushed away.


  3. Stu Christopher

    Every mention of Richard Stallman brings back traumatic memories of him eating toe cheese on video. Let’s not cover Richard Stallman in media.


  4. Jenna Breunig

    I find it disappointing that people still think my sister should not have been allowed to be born. I don’t believe that people with Down syndrome are a burden or that their lives are not worth living. That doesn’t match my sister’s life at all. Nor do claims that her and others’ existence somehow increases human suffering.

    It’s disappointing to see that people still seek after the “wisdom” of someone who thinks my parents did something wrong when they chose to love her and keep her no matter what.

    (For those who don’t know, I’m talking about remarks this man made about Down syndrome.)

    People can claim he might be autistic. But autism doesn’t explain believing that some types of people shouldn’t be allowed to exist. That’s eugenics, which coincidentally often targets autistic people too. Autistic people already face stigma. Blaming autism for bad behavior doesn’t help, especially when the behavior goes far, far beyond difficulty understanding social cues.

    I don’t know this man personally, but I feel like these issues need to be taken seriously.


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