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For those using BuddyPress and having a hard time coming across decent free themes for the project you’re in luck. A new site has launched called which so far contains six different themes for BuddyPress. Out of the choices provided, Avenue K9 looks to be my favorite from a design perspective. It’s pretty easy to figure out who is behind the site but it’s nice to see a dedicated person developing and releasing BuddyPress themes for free. I’d say sooner rather than later, BuddyPress will have a theme repository that mimics the one for WordPress.

4 responses to “Free BuddyPress Themes”

  1. There is a theme repo over at, which catches all themes tagged with “buddypress”. Seems to be misfiring lately though, and doesn’t catch any themes out in the general wild.

  2. I’d like to see heavily modified bp themes. I messed with Buddypress thememing before and quit after a day. Perhaps another time, “buddy”.

  3. Thanks for the kind words even though I’m a tad late on this reply! I’m going to post a how-to post this week on enabling Custom Menus a la TwentyTen on BP themes, so yay for more out-of-the-box functionality! =)


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