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Form API in WordPress Core

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      I'm so pleased to see the Gutenberg Team is tackling creating a Form API for WordPress core.

      Forms are an essential part of nearly every WordPress site, yet this key web component has previously been left to plugins to deliver.

      The result is large range of WordPress form plugins, both free & premium, (including some of the biggest plugins on WordPress) with little consistency & no cross-compatability.

      WordPress form users need to learn the unique approach to form creation taken by each form plugin. If they switch form plugins, their previous form work is lost & they need to learn it all again.

      I see the Form API as an opportunity to bring forms directly within the Block Editor in a way that is properly accessible & also extendable by the current crop of WordPress form plugins.

      Rather than criticising a supposed lack of proactive outreach to WordPress form plugin authors, by the Gutenberg team, it makes sense for WordPress form plugin authors to simply get involved & actively contribute to the development of the Form API for WordPress Core.

      If pretty sure positive contributions from WordPress form plugin authors will be better received than negative comments & are also far more likely create a better outcome for WordPress users.

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