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Best AI chatbot for WordPress?

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    • JoelJoel

      Can you recommend the best AI-powered chatbot plugin?

    • JTruaxJTruax

      There is a decent chatbot plugin from Meowapps,

      AI Engine

      But after doing some testing with it, I find it to be a little unpredictable. This isn’t a problem with the plugin itself, but rather the nature of using the Open AI language model. You can spend time and fine-tune it to give more accurate responses.

      Best of Luck!

    • Jeremy HerveJeremy Herve

      Disclaimer: I work on the Jetpack team, so I’m biaised. :)

      If you use Elementor or Divi on your site, you should probably try their dedicated solutions, Elementor AI and Divi AI, since they’re well integrated into the builders.

      If you do not use such a builder, I would recommend Jetpack AI. It offers quite a few features already, and is actively developed, we add more features in every plugin update. For now, you have access to the following features:

      • Translations
      • Get feedback on your content
      • Adjust tone
      • Get help creating forms
      • Get help crafting titles
      • And more
      • Jeremy HerveJeremy Herve

        I’ll post again (too bad I cannot edit my last reply) since I just came across a quick review of Jetpack AI, posted last night by someone (Matt Medeiros) who is more objective than me on this topic :). If you wanted a quick overview of what the plugin can do, I think this is a good video to watch.

    • AnonymousAnonymous

      ChatBot for WordPress (formerly known as “WP Chatbot”): This plugin offers a straightforward way to add a chatbot to your WordPress site. It includes pre-built chatbot templates and supports integration with various AI platforms, making it suitable for businesses of different sizes.

    • JoelJoel

      Thank you. Will check :)

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