1. Andy Bailey

    thanks for doing this! I’ve only had time to visit the forum when I’ve been stuck on something. All the rest of my time is spent coding and updating and supporting my site and plugin.

    If I started hanging around forums too much, it’ll all go downhill for my code but, I totally support what you’re doing. So much so that I just signed up for a years VIP membership :)

    I had to go back and read this post again to find out exactly how to do it though, just going to my profile on the board didn’t show me anything about upgrading to VIP. A bigass button would be useful.

    good luck with VIP memberships, the answers I got from my questions were worth the price alone but the osmosis type of learning I get from just reading the posts will keep my paypal subscription active :)


  2. Andy Bailey

    @Andy Bailey – forgot to subscribe to followup comments


  3. Adam W. Warner

    Great to see you monetizing your efforts a bit more Jeff, you certainly deserve it! One thing occurred to me with your VIP forum product offering…maybe you should consider offering an affiliate path to these as well. I work with many clients that eventually like to take their sites into their own hands a bit more, and although I’ll be promoting the tavern forums regardless, it would be nice to get a kickback if possible.


  4. Tony Cosentino

    Hi Jeff,

    I was so happy for you when you mentioned having a VIP forum option on one of your recent shows. You have put so much effort into providing us with weekly information about our favorite subject. We want you to be able to do this full-time for the long term so I have subscribed for 1 year as my vote of support for you.

    My business has improved so much since hearing from all of the theme and plugin developers you have had on the show over the last 99 episodes. I look forward to hopefully chatting to them in more depth in the private forum with any luck.

    Go VIP folks, its a simple way of saying thanks to Jeff for what he has done for us already.


  5. Jeffro

    Thanks for the support everyone. The VIP section is a work in progress. I’m hoping that it becomes more value over time, especially the group coupon section.


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