1. John Saddington

    it’s alive!

    welcome… back?

    great pics!


  2. Jeffro

    @John Saddington – Indeed, today marks the first day in bringing back the Tavern. This was the first time I used the Gallery feature within the media library but the images look bad because I use a sidebar on the single post page. Not a huge deal because in the near future, this site will be sporting a new design that hopefully rectifies that issue.


  3. Tom McFarlin

    Welcome back, Jeffro :D


  4. John Saddington

    @Jeffro – Sweet my friend! What are the proposed plans for such a killer comeback? Excited! This is fantastic news!


  5. Jeffro

    @Tom McFarlin – Thank you Tom.

    @John Saddington – I know we have the interview questions but my boss will be the one publishing a post here on WPTavern.com at some point in the near future that will explain a bunch of things.


  6. Pippin

    Great to have you back!


  7. joe rozsa

    Dude. I can’t thank you enough for all the great words in this article. I had a great time putting this event together. The committee I put together to help organize it went above and beyond and I couldn’t have done it without them. Ermanno’s and Four Kids coffee are top notch people too. Both places are very ”green” oriented too. They were my only two thoughts for food at the event. The people at Stark State we’re amazing too. Everyone involved was absolutely incredible.

    I got the report today about our Zero Waste efforts… and we did indeed qualify as a Zero Waste event with 98% diversion rate! How cool is that?

    I’ve heard so many great things from people about the event… it’s hard to believe that I have to wait a whole year before we do it again.

    I met so many great people… but I’m not sure that we met. If we did and I don’t realize it, I apologize… if we didn’t, we should.

    Thanks again!


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  9. Ted Clayton

    … And my belated pleasure at the resumption of WPTavern, as well! :)


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