1. Nyssa The Hobbit

    I love how this looks, very modern. I’ve been getting my themes elsewhere to achieve this minimalist look, with no sidebars to distract the eye from my writing. This makes me want to try a default theme again. :)


  2. Richard Ginn

    A sidebar free theme??? Not really liking that idea..


  3. Joseph Dickson

    Played with Twenty Nineteen 1.0 yesterday. A practical case made for users to add their own color scheme. via a pallete in the customizer or post. Black and Blue isn’t going to cut it for me.

    I’m going to build a Child Theme this weekend and see if that’s something I add on my end then propose a feature request on github.


  4. Chris Blakley

    How does twentyninteen compile the Sass? Does Gutenberg have a built-in compiler, or would installing a compiler on the server be required to use Sass in this default theme?


    • Denis Žoljom

      I think you need to manually install node-sass and compile it by hand, but there are open PR for adding necessary tooling for this (it’s also mentioned upstream on the _s theme)


  5. GJ

    Eerie that a theme I’ve been working on looks too similar to this one; now have to make some changes. At least mine has a sidebar (plus an off canvas option). Good that it’s built for Gutenberg though; a decision I decided to make my themes GB ready for every theme release.

    But on that subject of no sidebar…not really a good idea and would be interested to hear why not. Perhaps an option to enable/disable one. Aside from that, the Twenty Nineteen theme appears to be for personal bloggers.

    Odd we won’t see a Twenty Eighteen theme, but the year is almost gone now, so I guess it makes sense to put out a Twenty Nineteen.


    • David Artiss

      Eerie that a theme I’ve been working on looks too similar to this one

      In a genuine “what a coincidence way” or a “I’m suspicious” way?


      • GJ

        In a “what a coincidence way”. Whenever I build themes, I do it locally. Hard not to have similar designs anyway as the shear number of themes on the net is mindblowing. It’s like domain names; think of one, damn, it’s taken, think of another, damn, it’s taken….


  6. Tomas M.

    As a non-professional theme developer, I really appreciate the fact, that 2019 is based on _s. It makes the learning and adapting much easier.

    I also hope that this action will end the lethargic phase of Undercores development.


  7. Michael

    Regarding themes, i like the Hemmingway better then 2019


  8. Bonaventura Di Bello

    Just testing the new theme in WP 5 beta1.
    No header image, and if bg image is used there’s no way to change title colour, besides being forced to add bg color or change text color to each block to make content readable if bg image is used.
    I like minimalist themes, especially in the perspective of creating pages and posts layouts with the new Gutenberg editor, but IMHO theme customization is a must, at least about font and colour choices, in this case.


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