Figma Partners with WordPress to Improve Design Collaboration

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Figma, an online collaborative interface design tool, has donated an organizational membership to the WordPress project. The browser-based application helps designers and developers collaborate more efficiently and is used by organizations like Microsoft, Slack, and Uber. It provides design tools, prototyping, previews, and real-time feedback, all in the same place, and is often described as the “Google Docs for designing apps.”

Figma aims to match the way designers work today in collaborative roles, with features like shared component libraries, versioning, live device preview, and Sketch import. It was created to offer “one single source of truth for design files.”

“Where we may have used multiple tools in order to support all the parts of the design process, Figma incorporates many of the core features of other tools all in one product for a more efficient and powerful workflow,” Alexis Lloyd, Head of Design Innovation at Automattic, said in the announcement on the make.wordpress design blog. “I’m excited about the possibilities for how Figma can make the WordPress design process more collaborative, robust, and efficient.”

Figma launched in 2016 but has quickly gained popularity due to its seamless developer handoff exports and cross-platform compatibility. Many teams inside the WordPress community are already big fans of using Figma. 10up has been using the tool as part of the company’s design process. The SketchPress library that 10up created, a collection of WordPress admin interfaces, symbols, and icons, is in the process of being converted into a shared team library for Figma so that WordPress contributors can take advantage of it.

If you have held back on getting involved in designing for the WordPress project because of archaic collaboration tools, working with Figma may improve your contribution experience. Designers can get access to the Figma team by signing in with a Slack account using the invitation link. New users can upgrade their default “view” capabilities and get access to edit files by requesting permission in WordPress’ #design Slack channel.


4 responses to “Figma Partners with WordPress to Improve Design Collaboration”

  1. I had to read this twice…Please tell me I read this all wrong… WP 5.0 is pushing and they are just now trying to muster design help for the back end( admin area )? Seriously?
    Word press agency’s need a wire framing tool with WP widgets unique to each theme to share design concepts to clients… Missed the mark if this is just a tool to design 5.0 with that is gonna push no matter what.

    • I had to read this twice…Please tell me I read this all wrong… WP 5.0 is pushing and they are just now trying to muster design help for the back end( admin area )? Seriously?

      Nope! UI changes for 5.0 have been locked for a couple weeks now — any Gutenberg mockups designers produce in Figma will be for subsequent releases.

      The design team has been trying to find a good way to introduce consistent design patterns in WordPress for years now. Figma is a step in that direction, irrespective of Gutenberg. This isn’t about looking for design help — it’s about adding a design tool available to the whole community. The majority of core designers use proprietary and OS-specific tools, and not everyone in the community has the resources to use those tools. Figma is a way we can equalize access, so I’m really grateful they’re partnered with WordPress.


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