Fight for the Future Launches “Save Security” Campaign in Support of Apple


Fight for the Future, a non-profit organization that works to preserve freedom of expression on the web, launched its new “Save Security” campaign today in support of Apple. The FBI has requested that the company hack into an iPhone recovered from one of the terrorists involved in the San Bernardino mass shooting to assist in the criminal investigation.

Apple has refused numerous court orders to create a new tool that would allow the government to circumvent the iPhone’s security measures that protect the encrypted communications of private individuals. The company will go to court on March 22nd for hearing in Riverside, CA. Fight for the Future plans to display thousands of statements in support of Apple from Internet users outside the courthouse.

The Save Security campaign website summarized what is at stake with the government forcing Apple to weaken its encryption:

In its attacks on Apple, the FBI is seeking a legal precedent that would let them force any company to weaken the security of its products. Engineers use consumer products like the iPhone to maintain the most sensitive systems on the planet. Hospitals. Air traffic control. Nuclear power. What the FBI is asking for puts lives at risk, by undermining security everywhere.

Two weeks ago, Automattic announced that it stands with Apple to support digital security. The company filed an amicus brief in support of Apple alongside Cloudflare, Ebay, Kickstarter, Twitter, GitHub, Reddit, Square, and other leading technology companies.

“The fact is that if a security flaw exists, there is no way to ensure that only trusted governments, investigating a crime, can exploit that vulnerability,” Automattic’s attorney Paul Sieminski said in the announcement. “Improving security for everyone means aggressively finding and closing holes, not creating new ones.”

If you want to join in Fight for the Future’s campaign to support Apple, the website offers a profile picture you can use as well as a website banner (see live demo) to raise awareness.



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