1. Gaurav Tiwari

    I got one too. 😦

    I rushed and changed passwords.


  2. harry

    how would they know after all they say this

    Please note that Bitcoin is anonymous and no one will find out that you have complied.

    lol total idiots.


  3. Dave LeBlanc

    I have getting variations of this type of email for well over a year now.

    I read on Forbes this was caused by a hack and theft of email addresses and passwords from somewhere and posted on some site for downloads. The password mentioned in the email is one I once used and had already changed as part of a routine to change passwords.

    So far, no one to my knowledge has actually used the old password to try to get into an account. The scammers are just content to sent these emails. If they get just a couple of suckers to follow through on the scam, easy money.


  4. Inna

    I received one too and at first, I was like ?!?!?! because the email came from an anonymous email address and the message is well-written. Not in broken English, like scammer messages usually are. I’m happy I found this article. My blood pressure is now returning to normal!


  5. Fawaz Momoh

    Hahaha…I got the scam mail a day or two ago and it prompted me to read this article. I already knew it was a scam.

    Anyway, I think a good way to protect your website is to install Wordfence plugin (for wordpress users). I know it may not totally answer your security questions, but it has worked for me. Also have a good hosting company.

    Thanks Sarah.


  6. Frank

    This issue was also reported by a website security company WebARX last week. Based on their research, some people have already fallen to it.

    Anyways, here’s a link where they share some advice:


  7. Salim

    Perhaps it comes from un-encoded email addresses shown on our site (i.e. in about page). They are indexed and stored in a certain mailing list.

    I use email encoder plugin to prevent my email addresses from getting this kind of scam.


  8. Pamela Schmidlin

    Does this have anything to do with host providers? Can host providers stop these hacks from coming through to your site? Because I had issues this week logging into my dashboard only to find the host was working on some stuff and things were down for about an hour or two.

    I also never received and email or anything concerning this “hack”…..if so I will not be changing as I was thinking of my host provider!


  9. Melanie Adcock

    A couple of my clients got this email.


  10. Paolo Dodet

    I’ve got one too, thank goodness I’ve just come across this post, so my blood pressure went back to normal again.


  11. austin marketing guy

    So sleazy and weak! My client got one of these. It’s pretty funny. Clearly they hacked the site because they had to use the contact form to contact us instead of emailing us with all the private data they hacked.


  12. David.b

    Hi There,

    I also got the mail. Today may host provider server is down and this had never happened before! The server is still down and my hosting support is working on it. Hopefully my website will be up and showing soon….. what a coincidence… Cheers!


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