1. Anh Tran
    · Reply

    Congratulations to Munir and Dovy for the acquisitions! Editor Plus and Redux are great plugins. Hopefully, this will bring the plugins into a next level.


  2. Munir Kamal
    · Reply

    Hey Justin,

    Thank you for catching up with this update, you have always been a great supporter and I truly thank you for that.

    This has been a great journey so far and the future ahead for Editor Plus and Gutenberg Hub is in good hands. In fact, I am really enjoying working with the team at Extendify and can assure you that the end-user will continue enjoying the awesome features of Editor Plus and that we have great plans ahead.



  3. Mustaasam Saleem
    · Reply

    Wao! This is awesome. Anyone who wants to know more about Munir and the idea behind Editor Plus can give a read to his story below: ;)


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