1. Matt

    Thank you for the good overview. Is anyone getting full site editing to work with permalinks set to “Post Name”


  2. Mike Schinkel

    Hey Justin,

    Thanks for the mention.

    P.S. I found out about it from all the pingbacks I started getting from websites that copy and repost WPTavern content I assume to generate page rank for their websites. Too bad you can’t easily do something about that. :-(


  3. Tim

    A lot of theme developers have outright ignored Gutenberg cause it doesn’t give users enough ability to do more templating and full site editing—but they fail to see that it’s getting closer every day.

    We ended up bypassing block patterns (for now) because we built our own templates modal window. Plenty of enhancements to the blocks api has made it possible to have what amounts to mostly full site editing outside the navigation system and widgets for footers and sidebars.

    For me, that’s good enough with the help of customizer.

    We made our own blocks plugin and templating because patterns and the like didn’t exist when we started. It works with most of the default WordPress themes going back to 2019 and our own themes, one of which is already on the theme repo.

    I’d be interested to see why more theme developers aren’t implementing more of the newer block api features. They’ve really come a long way. Our next plugin release is using the blockpreview component and animations. It’s miles easier to use for our clients.

    My guess is developers are all too hung up on elementor and other page builders despite their shortcomings…


  4. Ricardo

    Hi guys
    Great thoughts, once again.
    I’m a designer. And programming passionate (amateur level but pro curious).
    We can feel a big enthusiasm around FSE. I am.

    But it also feels WP’s main concern is to allow everybody to design sites. Great, nothing against it. For me, probably it will be super useful – replacing other builders.

    But are the rest of the solutions being neglected or ending? I don’t have the know-how in WP to be confident about this answer but I wonder.. what about users/clients who don’t want to design?

    Will it be possible to make a good & solid template/pattern(?) that the client just fills the data and the info shows exactly in that beautiful spot where it was supposed to? And with a dynamic growth potential?

    Imagine a Newspaper site. Or big organization’s one. Do they want to play around with the design/blocks at any time? Can we control that?

    Guttenberg comes from Printing, Readability, Clearness. Will FSE be a bit chaotic?

    All the best


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